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Over the last years it has become very common among people to take spontaneous pictures and record short videos of their everyday life with their own smartphone.

Using a selfie stick (or selfie pole) enables you to take great shots of you and your friends in every situation possible!

A selfie stick is an easy to handle gadget. High quality and a good price-performance ratio are essential when buying a new stick. This website provides the latest information regarding selfie sticks and explains what you should pay attention to.

Moreover we have many product reviews and the latest selfie stick deals.


a guy holding a selfie stick and taking a selfie

Quick Tips: Solution!

Shutter on the selfie stick or the remote is not working? Your device is not necessarily broken!

Among our Quick Tips you will find a simple but effective solution.

The Best Selfie Apps

In addition to a selfie stick, you can use specific camera or selfie apps to make your pics even more special.

Here is a list of the most popular selfie apps in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store. Links included!

Amateur Sticks

A summary of amateur selfie sticks and additional information. Cheap and fast shipping!

See the most popular selfie sticks on

Do you like to travel?

Depending on how often you like to take selfies and how high your demands on picture quality are, some selfie sticks might be more suitable for you than others...

Maybe you need some purchase advice, because you can’t decide, which stick you should buy?

Selfie Stick Variants

There are different selfie stick types. Are you looking for detailed information?

Useful hints and purchase advice that support you in your decision making can be found here.