Selfie Sticks – The Agony of Choice

Selfie Stick Information

It gets more and more difficult to decide, which selfie stick to buy, because there are new models flooding the market every single day.

This article shall support you in your decision making.

Essential Considerations

(If you still need some more advice on purchasing a selfie stick, after you read this article, check out the following checklist! It might help.)

Your decision mostly depends on your demands for your selfie stick.

Internal or External Shutter?

Would you like to buy a selfie stick, which comes with an internal or external shutter?

If you are planning to take pictures from further away, you should go for an external one. If that is not important to you, I always recommend an internal shutter.

The reason for this is that I tend to lose small things and an external remote is quite small! So be careful.

In addition to that you’ll always need spare batteries for your remote to work, because sooner or later they will be empty. Of course that takes a while, but it’s really annoying when it happens and you don’t have a replacement.

You don’t have to use an internal or external shutter at all by the way.
You can set a timer on your photo device by e.g. using a camera app. If you ask me, I think that this way is really old fashioned and rather complicated. But it makes sense, if you don’t have a remote or if the remote is not compatible with your photo device.


It is important for you to check, which selfie sticks and external remotes are compatible with your photo device.

On the one hand it is about Bluetooth compatibility. Your phone or camera has to be able to be synchronized with your stick or remote.

Nowadays more or less all modern smartphones (Android & iOS) are suitable for that. But I still recommend you to double check.
You can find more information about the Bluetooth synchronization in each product review.

On the other hand it is about whether or not your photo device can be attached to the stick.
Your mobile phone has to fit into the adapter and your compact or action camera on a ¼ inch tripod screw.

You might need an extra adapter for oversized phones.

Dimensions & Material

If you are a woman or you like to travel, it might be important for you to comfortably carry your selfie stick and to be able to easily stow it away into your backpack or your handbag.

Therefore it has to be made of light material like aluminium and it has to be retractable.

The advantage of aluminium is not only its low density, it resists corrosion, as well. So don’t be afraid to use your stick underwater or in the rain.


You can make sure that you are safely holding your selfie stick with your precious camera or smartphone, by using a foam grip and an additional hand strap, even when recording a video, while you are skateboarding.


From time to time some cheap selfie stick models squeeze your smartphone or camera a little too strong.
Scratches and other optical damages on your precious phone might be the consequence, which is really annoying.

With these cheap sticks it might happen that you accidentally push the shutter button on the handle, because they don’t have a lot of counter-pressure.

Consequently you have to laboriously sort out these pictures afterwards.

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