Selfie Stick Pre-Purchase Checklist

Selfie Stick Information Tips

In order to make sure that you didn’t forget or miss anything at your decision which selfie stick you would like to buy, I put together the following questions. Thus you will have a clear conscience, when purchasing:

  • Is your photo device compatible with the selfie stick you chose or with the external remote provided either via Bluetooth technology or via cable?
    • Always check which version of operating system on your phone is being supported!
    • Usually selfie sticks are not compatible with compact cameras or action cameras. A specific selfie stick or a specific remote, which belongs to a specific action or compact camera, is required.
  • Is your smartphone or your camera designed to be attached to the stick, using an adapter or a ¼ inch screw thread?
    • Some adapters are not dimensioned for oversized smartphones.
    • Some smartphone adapters such as the Joby GripTight XL Mount* (see review here) can be attached to selfie sticks, if needed.
  • Are you okay with the selfie stick’s maximum length?
  • Does the retracted selfie stick fit into your backpack or your purse?
  • Are you okay with the selfie stick’s weight? Remember: You have to carry it!
  • Does the stick have an anti-slip, easy to hold foam grip and a hand strap for additional security?
  • Is the stick made out of stainless steel?
  • What can you say about the selfie stick’s overall quality?
  • Was the stick produced by one of the major manufacturers or is it a no-name product from asia?
  • What is part of the scope of supply?
  • If you need one, is a remote included?
  • Is a high quality adapter for your phone or camera provided or do you have to buy a better one and upgrade?
  • Are any other selfie accessories available, such as camera lenses?
  • What do other customers say about the product?

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