Selfie Stick Costs – How much do I have to pay?

Selfie Stick Information

The price range of selfie stick models varies between under £7 and approximately £40.

Of course the price is one of the most critical aspects of purchasing a stick.

So the question is: How much do I have to pay for a decent stick? And how much does a professional selfie pole cost?

In this post you‘ll find useful information.

How much do you have to invest?

Selfie Sticks for Occasional Use

If you want to use your selfie stick only occasionally, there’s no reason not to buy a lower price model.
Most of them are of good quality and well manufactured.

Even for under £7 you can make the right choice. However the, stick itself could possibly feel and look a little cheap. But you can’t expect that much from a very little amount of money.

You should be warned though that from time to time some selfie stick models squeeze your smartphone or camera a little too strong. Scratches and other optical damages on your precious phone might be the consequence, which is really annoying.

As a result you either have to live with the damage or you have to spend the money you saved in advanced to get it fixed.

Selfie Sticks for Travelers

If you are a frequent traveler and you therefore shoot a lot of pictures and selfies, you might want to invest a little more and get a selfie pole out of the mid-range segment.
Because once you are on your way, it could be hard to replace a malfunctioning or broken stick.

You also want to look out for compactness for stowing away the stick in your backpack, corrosion-resistance to be able to take pictures underwater and in the rain and low weight for comfortable carrying.

I would recommend to spend between £10 to £20 to get a reliable selfie stick.

Selfie Sticks for Professional Use

Are you planning to record videos with your action cam and you are looking for a selfie pole to realize just that? Then you definitely need a professional selfie stick, which can withstand the physical strain.

You want to make sure that your action or compact camera is firmly attached to the stick and does not come off easily.

Models from £20 and up are your first choice.


As you can see, the amount of money you have to invest when purchasing a selfie stick depends on your demands for the gadget.

Of course it might happen that new products are more expensive than older ones. The same is true for brand products.

The suggested prices serve as guidelines.

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