Selfie Stick – What’s That?

Selfie Stick Information

The selfie stick phenomenon is relatively new in the world of smartphone accessories. It is also known as selfie pole and it’s a gadget of rapidly increasing popularity.

A selfie stick's sole purpose is to enable the users to take extraordinary pictures without having to tie themselves in knots. At the same time more people are able to fit into the picture frame including a big part of the background.

The trend has taken over asia already. However, it started in extreme sports such as base jumping or surfing...


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The Selfie

Selfie: "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website" - Oxford Dictionary

The selfie has become a global phenomenon, which appeared with the modern, high-performance smartphones.

Almost every smartphone user takes selfies more or less frequently and posts them on social media platforms like facebook or twitter.

In order to safe time while taking the perfect selfie, selfie sticks can help you out! In a matter of seconds you will manage to take the perfect shot.

Handling and Functionality

Usually a selfie pole has a shutter integrated into the handle. The telescopic rod is attached to an adapter via a ¼ inch screw thread. The adapter connects your smartphone or your compact-/action camera with the stick.

To make sure that the photographer fits completely into the frame, a selfie stick is meant to be hold with stretched arms.

The stick sends a signal via Bluetooth technology or cable connection to your photo device, when the shutter is pressed.

By now more or less all modern smartphones are compatible with selfie sticks.

The length of a telescopic rod can be greatly varied.

3 Different Variants

We can split selfie sticks in 3 groups by their different variants:

  • Group 1 consists of sticks with shutters integrated into the handle. The shutter communicates via Bluetooth with the photo device.
  • For group 2 there is a shutter integrated into the selfie pole handle as well. This time the stick and therefore the shutter is connected to your smartphone via cable, which fits into the headphone output.
  • Group 3 is made up of sticks with no integrated shutter. Therefore you are either using an external remote shutter or you have to set a shutter timer on your smartphone/camera, e.g. by using an app.

For more details about these three different versions of selfie sticks and what you should look out for, follow this link!

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