Selfie Sticks – Useful or Useless?

Selfie Stick Information

It’s true. Holding a selfie stick in your hand makes you look a little odd and people might talk about you and say that you are overly in love with yourself.

But it’s still easier than trying to balance your phone or your camera on the floor, hoping that it won’t fall over, while you are moving away.

And using a selfie stick* has many more advantages…


Group Pictures and New Perspectives

When using a selfie stick, you are able to shoot pics from further away. This way a whole bunch of people will fit into the frame including the background.
That means you don’t have to struggle anymore with heads and faces cut in half. In addition to that all people will fit into the picture comfortably and more easily.

Furthermore selfie sticks or selfie poles enable you to pimp your photo album, due to the fact that you can take pictures from different angles, e.g. from above your head.

You see that these useful tools are ideal not only to photograph your family at a family union, but shooting pictures of a wild festival crowd and recording videos of the bands performing on stage as well.

Beautiful Pictures Alone

If you are all by yourself and you can’t ask anyone to take a picture of you, a selfie stick prevents you from having to take unaesthetic selfies over and over again for 10 minutes until you finally manage to take one that is beautiful.

And you don’t even have to flex your arms in ways you wouldn’t believe possible.

A mirror becomes superfluous, too.

Great Tool for Traveling

It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a one week beach holiday or you are doing a short city trip, a selfie stick always comes in handy for taking solo pictures, pictures with your fiance or landscape shots.

You don’t even have to annoy strangers by asking them to take a picture of you in front of a popular sight or attraction.
Therefore you don’t have to risk giving your camera or phone to people you don’t know in a foreign country.

Better Control, More Possibilities

Due to the fact that you don’t have to trigger the shutter of your camera device itself, but an external one on your stick or on a remote, you are able to take more selfies in a shorter period of time.

That way you are in control about the way your pictures look a lot more than you would be, if another person but you would trigger the shutter.

Handling & Transport

The selfie stick setup and it’s handling is super easy. In less than 10 seconds you will be able to connect your gadget with your phone or your camera.

A remote shutter is really tiny. You can easily hide it in the palm of your hand, so it’s guaranteed that it won’t appear in your pictures anywhere.

You can shorten your selfie stick in length, thus it is easy to carry and stow away.

Recording Videos

Using a selfie pole will reduce camera shaking, which is helpful when recording videos. Your videos will appear to be more professional and much more fun to watch.


Once you get over that strange and uncomfortable feeling that you sometimes get, when using a selfie stick, you will realize that it is indeed great fun to use them for shooting pictures and recording videos.

All the additional possibilities that you get are really rewarding.
You won’t only be able to take pictures faster and more easily, your photographs will increase in quality and versatility as well.

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